Goods high definition for Valve Closure, Forged Valve Component in Tajikistan

Goods high definition for Valve Closure, Forged Valve Component in Tajikistan


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Reliable quality and good credit standing are our principles, which will help us at a top-ranking position. Adhering to the tenet of "quality first, customer supreme", Goods high definition for Valve Closure, Forged Valve Component in Tajikistan, we are seeking for extensive cooperation with honest customers, achieving a new cause of glory with customers and strategic partners.

Valve Closure, Valve Bonnet

Nominal Size: DN1 -48 (DN25-1200)

Pressure Rating: ANSI 150-2500(PN16-420)

Base Material:

-Ferrite Steel: ASTM A105,A105N; A350 LF2

-Austenitic Steel: A182 F304,F304L,F316,F316L,F317,F317L,F321?? ???????????????????????????????

-Duplex, Super Steel: A182 F51/F53/F55/F60

-Martensite Steel: A182 F6a/AISI 410

-Nickel Alloy Steel: Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy,

-Precipitation Hardening Steel:17-4PH/A564 Gr.630


NDT Test: Radiographic test (RT), Ultrasonic Test (UT), Dye penetrant test (DT), Magnetic particle Test (MT)


GMK VALVE, Special mechanical working of complete Valve Forgings: Valve ball, Seat Ring, Valve body, valve closure (Bonnet, Tailpiece, Endpiece), Adapter Flange(Support Flange, Support Plate, Gland Flange), Lower Trunnion(Bearing retainer)

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  • Thermostatic expansion valves regulate the
    injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators.
    Injection is controlled by the refrigerant
    Therefore the valves are especially suitable for
    liquid injection in ”dry“ evaporators where the
    superheat at the evaporator outlet is proportional
    to the evaporator load.
    Data sheet Thermostatic expansion valves, type T 2 and TE 2
    Thermostatic expansion valves, type TE 5 to TE 55
    Thermostatic expansion valves, type PHT
    Data sheet Service elements and service kit for thermostatic expansion valves
    Data sheet Capacity tables for thermostatic expansion valves, type T, TE and PHT

    T, TE and PHT valves have an interchangeable
    orifice assembly.
    T, TE and PHT valves are built up of three
    interchangeable main components:
    I. Thermostatic element, 1
    II. Orifice assembly, 2
    Insert in PHT main valve, 7
    III. Valve body with connections, 3
    T/TE 2, TE 5, TE 12, PHT 85
    For the same valve type and refrigerant, the
    associated orifice assembly is suitable for all
    versions of valve body and in all evaporating
    temperature ranges.
    The charge in the thermostatic element depends
    on the evaporating temperature range.
    The valves can be equipped with internal or
    external pressure equalization.
    External pressure equalization should always be
    used on systems with liquid distributors.
    The double contact bulb gives fast and precise
    reaction to temperature changes in the
    evaporator. It also makes fitting the bulb quick
    and easy.
    The valves are able to withstand the effects that
    normally occur with hot gas defrosting.
    To ensure long operating life, the valve cone
    and seat are made of a special alloy with
    particularly good wear qualities.

    The thermostatic element is fitted with a label
    (on top of the diaphragm).The code refers to the
    refrigerant for which the valve is designed:
    X = R 22
    N = R 134a
    S = R 404A/ R507
    The label gives valve type, evaporating
    temperature range, MOP point, refrigerant, and

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    Butterfly valve is also called flip-plate valve, is a simple structure of the regulator, can be used in low-voltage piping of the switch control of the butterfly valve is the closure of the piece (disc or butterfly plate) as a disc, revolving around the valve shaft to open and close a valve, valves can be used to control air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metals and radioactive media, such as the flow of various types of fluids. The main cut and throttle effect on the pipeline. Butterfly valve headstock is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, in the valve body around its own axis rotation, to achieve the purpose of closing or regulating.

    Butterfly valves Apply to the occurrence of furnaces, gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, city gas, hot and cold air, chemical smelting and power generation environmental protection, building water and drainage engineering systems conveying a variety of corrosive, non-corrosive fluid media pipelines, for regulating and truncating the flow of media.
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